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As a brick-and-mortar school teacher for decades, I was excited when the option presented itself to teach ESL online. However, I was less than enthused with the dysfunction of the companies that hired me. But branching out on my own as an entrepreneur was terrifying! That’s why I decided to look into the services James was offering.

After my first meeting with James, I was confident that I had found the answer to my dilemma! The overwhelming process of finding a niche, developing my program, marketing to foreign students, and producing a successful online business was made to seem attainable.
Throughout the entire process, I could count on James to reign in my fears by helping me see the logical next step. He went above and beyond my expectations! I’m happy to say that in only six months I have a completely full schedule, a thriving Facebook presence, and more referrals than I can handle!
The professional services I received from James has changed the way I look at my career. I’m no longer “just a teacher”, but a successful business owner. It was a decision I will never regret!

James has completely changed my life for the better. He finally gave me the opportunity and an actionable step-by-step program to starting, creating, and growing my own business. He continues to amaze me with his immense insights regarding marketing and how goals and passions can and do become reality.

James was always able to be several steps ahead of me and he is a mentor and guide one can only dream of.
Thanks to him, I have turned a passion project into a business and my dream into a wonderful reality. There are no words to express how happy and grateful I am!

James is a wonderful coach, really insightful and extremely smart. His strategy combines a systematic approach with sensible advice and careful follow-through and it is truly effective. He has helped me set up my online teaching business, find the right students and charge the fees I deserve.

Working with him has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience. And besides being a committed professional, he is a great guy! Kind and thoughtful. Highly recommendable.

James is a highly skilled and insightful businessman who is eager to make a difference for his clients. Not only is James charismatic and positive, but also genuine and sincere. Whatever skepticism that I had in our first contact has resolved with each application of James’ powerful strategies for success.

James takes the time to learn about problems and concerns then responds in a timely manner with excellent solutions. The results speak for themselves and cannot be argued with. There were times when I thought that James actually cared more about the success of my business ideas than even I did!

What James has to offer is very timely and important. For me, it really is a message of financial freedom and personal liberty. James is true to his commitment to empower ESL Teachers to start their own online business. If you ask him about his motivations for this, you will hear a sincere and simple answer that comes from a place of collective consciousness: James appreciates what his ESL Teachers did for him and hopes to reciprocate.

Every ESL Teacher who genuinely cares about delivering the best service possible to their students should schedule a meeting with James to determine whether they are really doing everything within their power and scope of education to improve their lives. As ESL Teachers, we can do so much more to serve our students and they are more than willing to pay us more for that service.

Give James a chance to help you discover your niche. When the apple finally falls and hits you over the head, you won’t believe that the solution was so simple and involves almost no new skills! I still don’t believe what I’ve done so far with just a little insight from James.