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James Liu

Meet James Liu

James coaches ESL teachers to get their own students online and build a 6-figure teaching business.  

James is a scientist, consultant, business coach, and an ESL student himself. His own ESL teachers inspired him to start a business to help many more ESL teachers who are currently undervalued. 

Since 2019, James has helped thousands of teachers go independent and charge what they’re worth. Teachers follow his system to develop their teaching, marketing, and sales skills and shift their mindset to transform from teacher to teacher-entrepreneur.


Get Your Own Students Online

Are you excited about the rapid growth of online education?
Do you see yourself teaching online with your own students?
Do you wonder how to get your own students online?

Just knowing how to market your service online won’t get you students. A transition from general teaching to niche teaching is absolutely required.

Niche teaching focuses on helping a specific group of students with the same problems. Niche teaching enables teachers to develop problem-centric marketing messages and teaching programs to succeed in online marketing and online teaching.

FREE ebook: "How to Get Your OWN Students Online and Charge Over $100 an Hour?"

ESL Teacher Free Ebook

How to get your own students online and charge what you’re worth?

In the book, you will find my step-by-step guide to show you how to get started and have your own teaching business online. The book only has 54 pages, and you can complete it within 2 hours.

FREE ebook: "How to Get Your OWN Students Online and Charge Over $100 an Hour?"
Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Get your own students online in 21 days. NO website, curriculum, or teaching platform required!

Each day for the next 21 days, I work with you on a simple task to define your niche, develop your marketing messages, and craft your teaching program so you can get students and start teaching them in 21 days. You will have the flexibility to participate and do the work on your own time. Are you up for the Challenge?

Teacher-Entrepreneur Community

Teacher-Entrepreneur Community

Are you interested in transforming from teacher to teacher-entrepreneur, or you already are one?

Join our community to meet and get support from thousands of teacher-entrepreneurs just like you who would like to get their OWN students online and charge what they’re worth.

Teacher-Entrepreneur Community

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